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NaNoWriMo - Day Twenty-One

Only a 100+ words written so far today while I was at work. Our holiday on Friday is not actually a holiday. Most of the people in my department are working because the schedules for Monday's commercials aren't done. Blech. Total Word Count is 12949

Sunlight filtered through the branches and leaves. Margeaux wondered how close she was to Lerod and if she was off course. She removed the map from her pack and looked at it. The worn piece of parchment was quite thin in places from being handled over the years. In a few places were creases from where it had been folded and stored away. Margeaux kept it rolled up in her pack so the parchment would not get torn in the creases or damage the ink used to make the drawings. She looked at the key and legend but did not see anything to indicate a date as to when it was created. For all she knew she could be going in the completely wrong direction. Or a new town popped up between her village and Lerod. Or worse… Lerod could be gone!