dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Little Catch Up

Things have been looking up in our household the last few days.

The Windows XP I ordered arrived. The install went smoothly and the data transferred to the old hard drive is there. Now I just have to reinstall all of our software (which is in boxes) and figure out how to get the data imported.

The off and on search for the camera battery recharger has proven to be unsucessful. Also, it's been difficult to find one at the stores. The lithium batteries aren't used as much anymore but I found a multi-battery charger at Cord Camera.

Last night's dinner was spicy italian sausage from Giant Eagle. It proved to be an unwise choice. My taste buds enjoyed it but the intestines protested. Thus I do not get a yummy breakfast of pancakes and bacon at Northstar today. Maybe tomorrow. :)

Hubby's aunt and uncle came over yesterday to look at the bathtub fixtures that spin around but have no stop. (Not a good feature if children should ever use the tub which is ironic since an 11-year-old lived here since she was 7.) After spending all day on it (while I was at work even though it was a paid company holiday) it is fixed! And so is the toilet downstairs. And the mirror for the dining room has been hung.

Now I get to look forward to getting crap cleared and put away so I can take nice pictures of the house.

Sammy is learning not to jump so much. Yesterday he wore himself out checking on what everyone is doing. A Corgi has to know where everyone is and what they are doing. Yesterday morning when we went for our walk, I forgot my keys. He and I spent about 40 minutes on the front porch. He was getting cold so I put him on my lap and held his little body to me. I tried a t-shirt on him this week to see how he felt about clothes and he wasn't happy. I still think he's going to need a sweater this winter.

I have no birdseed in the feeder but the birds are superactive today. I've seen two male cardinals, one female cardinal, two blue jays, something I didn't recognize, finches and sparrows. There is a large bush close to an alley by one of my neighbors. Yesterday morning or the evening before I noticed it was like the Laugh In tv set. They were all chirping and then it got quiet. As we passed the bush, a bird would stick it's head out at the top while another one did it at the bottom then stick their heads back in and more would stick their heads back out. Had it been a Whack-A-Mole game it would have been one of the more difficult ones.

I think today I'll need to skip the NaNo Write-Ins... but if I just write 6000 words a day (or something like that) then I can still finish with 50k at the end of the month. :)
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