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NaNoWriMo - Day Twenty-Seven

Total Word Count is 17,790 I wrote while up so early in the morning and then a little bit at work. Writing less than an hour a day is not so good for the word count.

"Look at her!"
"She's got one of them Dwarf dogs!"
"That's no Dwarf dog! There is no such thing as a Dwarf dog!"
The voices sounded familiar to Margeaux. The dog cocked its head and looked at her with a quizzical expression on its face. She squinted and looked at the trees on either side of the road.
Gerry stepped out from behind an oak tree, "It's just us, trying to make a living on the road to Lerod."
Chim and Ardrian stepped out from behind some other trees.
Ardrian pointed at the dog, addressing Chim, "Look at the short legs. It's a Dwarf dog, like you!"
Chim shook his head, "Granted, it's got the wee legs, but there is no dog that looks like that where I come from."
Ardrian replied, "But there is more than one Dwarven city, is there not? How do you know the other cities do not have dogs like this?"
"I tell you, there is no such dog in existence."
Gerry shook his head at their conversation. "We are sorry we had to run out on you earlier. Ardrian thought he heard someone on the mountain path and he gave the signal to leave. No one is after you, so we thought you would be safe. No one bothered you, did they?"
Margeaux shook her head. "Not until I entered the passageway. I met with some goblins."
Chim's face lit up, "Oh… goblins! I love to whack at some goblins. Cut them off at the knees with my axe, watch them fall to the ground and chop off their heads."
Margeaux was not sure if she should laugh or be frightened at Chim's reaction to the news of goblins.
Ardrian said to Margeaux, "We usually set up an ambush further away from the city but we were hoping to catch up with you."
"With me? Why?" Margeaux asked.
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