dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve at my parents was interesting as it always is. This year it was just my parents, my brother, his wife, her son and one of my brother's friends. My brother also brought the two dogs and their cat. I'm allergic to cats.

My mother told them to be there at 3pm and told us to be there at 4pm. She knows they always show up late to our planned holiday events. We started packing up presents around 2:30pm and got there at 4pm. My brother and his family showed up at 4:15pm. Even when they're told an early time, they can't get there on time. It's all good, though...

apparently they are one of the hundreds of thousands of people who don't have power in our city. On Wednesday besides the ice breaking power lines, two transformers blew. AEP expects the transformers to be fixed Sunday evening. They had packed up all the presents, food that might go bad, and the animals so they could stay with my parents. They didn't mention to my parents that they planned on staying the night beforehand so they were a little surprised.

My husband surprised me with Matthew Sweet and Jill Sobule CDs. He also got me a 2005 Corgi Calendar. I'll probably use it at work. My brother and his wife got me a 3-week french vanilla candle and a Mickey Mouse handbag. My parents got me measuring cups, The Best of Will Farrell DVD 1, Bernie Mac Season 1 on DVD, Mr. Winkle angel notecards, Mr. Winkle bookmarks and some Mary Kay.

My sister-in-law asked how my mom how she managed to get my husband and I gifts that we like. My mother then told her the secret... we give my parents a Christmas list each October/November with about 10 items each. This way they have a list of things they know we'd like and they don't have to worry about us having them already.

My mother doesn't really care for their new dog. It is a Shiba Inu named Jen-Chen. It's a puppy, but she's decided she doesn't like it because it gets into everything and hasn't learned commands yet such as "Come". He only knows "Sit". When I called my parents to let them know we got home fine, I could hear my sister-in-law yelling at one of the dogs to behave. My poor parents. They're such quiet people...

Today we're going to my in-laws and then my husband's aunts.

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