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NaNoWriMo - Day Twenty-Eight

While writing at work yesterday I kept adding my word count to the 27th and yet I kept thinking it was Thursday. I got it all straightened out this morning. Last night I was falling asleep before 10pm which is almost as bad as my pre-diagnosed Crohn's days. I think I only woke up once but otherwise I slept entirely through the night.

Total Word Count is 17,837. Hopefully tonight after watching a really good movie I can write and do laundry. I'm almost at a really good scene that I've had in my head since September.

Gerry spoke up, "We may be bandits but we do like some folks and you just happen to be one of them. Ardrian felt guilty taking money from a friend that was not a gift."
The bandits watched her blush and say her thanks. She pocketed the coins Ardrian had given to her.
"Should I assume you will not be going to Lerod?"
Gerry nodded, "That is a safe assumption, lass. If we are still working the road or hiding in the mountain passage when you return, we will see you then."
Ardrian nodded, "We will not come by your village seeing as how… the sickness, that is."
Chim, "Hurry on your way. You can't be wasting time."
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