dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Yesterday and This Morning

Last night I got home late and could not get into the driveway. I think tonight or tomorrow we'll use the electric snow shovel to clear things off. Since we are on a corner we have a lot of sidewalk to shovel.

Hubby drove to the FedEx facility and picked up his laptop. "I've been to hell on earth and I brought back a souvenir." He spent time tweaking it and I got it installed on the wireless network.

Sammy slipped a couple times on some of the icy patches on the sidewalk this morning. No one is certain when the recycling will be picked up so some of our neighbors (and us) already had stuff set by the curbs.

We're having Christmas with my family this weekend. Not looking forward to it mostly because I don't feel prepared. Have to get some shopping done today or tomorrow.
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