dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Walks and the Snow

We had our second snowfall of the season on Tuesday. I woke up from a nap and it was white outside. Yesterday morning it was so cold the clip on Sammy's leash locked out of place. I was throwing away stuff in the garbage can and realized I had a leash but no dog! Slight panic set in as I didn't see him anywhere near me. I hoped he wasn't in the alleyway or the street. I called his name and he came running to me. He was halfway to the front porch and backtracked to me. One thing I can say about Corgis... they like their routines!

After returning home from work last night it snowed a little bit more. I have to remember not to wear tennis shoes when I'm walking Sammy. Besides no traction in the snow, I have to fight against him pulling me down the driveway. When we get it repaved I would like for it to not be at such an angle but I probably won't have any choice.

With the snow everywhere the familiar seems different. One morning walk made me laugh. A few houses down the street an orange cat sat on the porch railing. Directly above it was a squirrel. Both were looking at me and I don't think either one knew the other was there. Two houses away from ours I looked up and thought, "Gosh! How much more do I have to walk?" which was soon followed by "Am I even on the right street?" Silly me.
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