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I can see!

I have the new monitor setup now and it seems to be working fine. I've played with the settings a little bit but can work on them some more... white lettering on a dark background is kinda hard to see. It bleeds into the background.

My husband made a bet with 3 of his co-workers. They are going to have a fourth co-worker weigh them on January 3rd. He'll write down their starting weights and collect $50 from each of them. On May 2nd he'll weigh them again. The person who has lost the highest percentage of their body weight will win the $200 pot. It's not quite like The Biggest Loser on NBC since they don't get to go to a ranch and work out 4 hours a day, but I know it will be some additional incentive for everyone to lose weight.

My EQ Weight Loss group has kind of fizzled out. Not many people are going to the message board these days and one of the women is gaining weight because she's pregnant. :) I started watching The Biggest Loser the third or fourth episode. Even though it's extreme (the contestants are away from their families, get to work out 4 hours a day, and don't have to be at work) I find it inspiring. When they were in teams, each person had a mini-support group to keep them going, and as individuals the pictures of them are amazing. Sometimes they show them side by side and last week (which really wasn't an episode in my opinion) NBC showed consecutive pictures of them from week to week. After each show I want to go work out. I usually don't do it, but I look for some ways to up my activity for the few days after watching the show.

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