dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Just When It Gets Better

So... every time we start getting along with Sammy or have a good time something happens. Like around Christmas he was groomed, allowed on the bed, and we'd play with him. Not long after we'd take him out he'd pee somewhere in the house. He had a slight UTI which he quickly got over and only had minimal accidents in the house - all our fault.

Yesterday we found out during a nap that he likes to sleep under the covers. Not just under the covers. I'm talking all the way down the bottom of the bed, under the covers, by our feet and isn't completely happy until he's panting from all the trapped body heat because it's so hot. Very cute. We go about our business, make dinner, take him out, watch tv, take him out again and so on. At 2am I smell dog urine in the bedroom and I can't find it. Finally I decide to lift the bed covers. The pool of urine was larger than him and had gone through the blanket, the sheets, the mattress pad cover and onto the mattress. I was so furious. Except for the blanket it is all only a few months old.

I don't think I got the urine smell out of the blanket. I tried to wash the mattress pad but it's too large for our washing machine; the tub wouldn't move and the fan belt was starting to burn up. There is a laundry mat down the street where I could hope their washing machine is big enough and spend a few hours there cleaning it or I could go to Kohl's and just buy a new one. It's $150 and I got it on sale for $75. I really don't want to spend money that's not necessary since I have that tax bill to pay. Early this morning was one time I wish Sammy had never entered our life.

On the plus side, I got to work out for 30 minutes this afternoon in the extra bedroom. Hubby hooked up the DVD player so I can do my DVD workouts.
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