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Twelve Months Meme

So now that's almost halfway through January I thought I'd post my end of the year meme for 2007. Below is the first sentence of each month excluding memes and quizzes. I'm only using public entries.

January: On my way out the door last week my dad says, "Your mom has a log of everything she's ever printed on her iMac.
February: Zilla hasn't eaten anything since Tuesday morning.
March: My drabble is now available for viewing on Shine.
April: Earlier this week I commented to my husband how Gwen Stefani reminded me of Holly Madison (one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends) in her American Idol interviews.
May: Today was a stressful, long day at work.
June: So tomorrow is the home inspection.
July: The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity but nothing's really been done.
August: The heat has managed to kill most of the flowers in the backyard.
September: The first issue of Niteblade is available on-line for viewing (with ads) and it's available in .pdf form for $2.
October: Finally got down on paper my most current writing goals.
November: The tentative tile for this year's novel is "The Best Fantasy Novel Ever Written".
December: We were out of the house by 9am and back by 9pm.

Considering most of my year included Zilla's diagnosis and chemotherapy, finding and buying a house, and writing these are some good first lines.
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