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There's this little organization I believe in called CorgiAid, Inc. that began from an internet mailing list about corgis. A corgi named Heidi started it all. Essentially, CorgiAid provides funds to make it possible to adopt corgis and corgi mixes. They can offset some of the medical or transportation expenses needed to bring these rescue dogs to their forever homes.

CorgiAid has been named the "Best Breed Rescue Fundraising Program" for 2007 by Pedigree. A last minute picnic has been arranged in Kingsport, TN so the Pedigree people will have footage of some of the fundraising efforts and this community in action. The president and treasurer of CorgiAid will be attending a dinner at the Westminster Dog show to pick up the award and spread some corgi love. Footage from the picnic will be shown at the dinner and throughout the year at dog events Pedigree will attend.

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