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Sammy is a happy stinker

I heard some rustling from downstairs. This could only mean Sammy was up to something. That something was the remnants of my baked potato from Wendy's.

I found no evidence whatsover of the food itself. The bottom container was on the floor while the lid was on my chair at the dining room table. Some items that had been on the table were on the floor. No smeared butter, no skin, no potato bits. No evidence of the actual potato at all. He looked up at me with a big grin and slowly wagged his tail from side to side.

I put the baby gate at the top of the stairs and he's been running up and down the hallway. Now I've got him trapped in the office with me. He keeps looking out of the baby gate like my husband will come and save him. Little does he know hubby won't be home for at least one more hour.

I really have to make a Sammy icon with devil horns.
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