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More Cooking Adventures

I'm always behind on reading newspapers and not so long ago there was a feature regarding National Soup Swap Day (1/23/08) where each person brings six quarts of frozen soup in one quart containers and swap with the other participants. It's suggested that it be one of those weeknight things were you have wine, cheese and crackers, tell the story behind the soup you brought, swap and get out of there. The most difficult part may be picking out the soup to make while the second difficult part would be making the soup.

To me, it seems a partial solution to my November food planning problem. After this last November I know the way to get ahead would be to plan meals ahead of time and freeze them. What better way to get some of the meals out of the way by having a soup swap? The idea just hits me as brilliant. Hubby has frozen (nutritious) meals ready for him to heat. He can decide before leaving for work what he would like to eat and start thawing it in the refrigerator before he leaves for the day. Add a sandwich and voila! I don't have to cook anything. There may even be something waiting for me to eat when I get home.

Last week I tried to make another baked potato in the microwave. It was close but still not perfect. On the two servings setting the potato ended up nearly the correct consistency on the inside but ended up burnt on the bottom.

And this weekend I learned how to properly sear a steak. Since it was a thinner steak it didn't end up medium-rare like I prefer but it was still better than the steak on the George Foreman grill.
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