dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Odd Dreams

Sometimes I have odd dreams based on the tv shows I've been watching. For instance, we've been gorging ourselves on the first seasons of Hell's Kitchen. One morning I woke up and recalled I'd taken an open bag of pill pockets to this store called "something meats and treats trading post" where you taken in items of food to be purchased by other people. You get store credits when you bring in items. The proprietor did not want to take my pill pockets. She had some argument about the food needed to be for human consumption. I thought, "Gordon Ramsey would never buy food here!" And this was a few days after the episode where he made them use leftovers to create a dish.

I had another odd dream last night though I have no idea of the origins. I was in a field with a stage up front talking to some people about Crohn's. Someone tapped me on the shoulder and told me to get backstage. While walking to backstage I overheard someone say that Guns N' Roses had to get better if they were going to do this gig next year. Backstage consisted of a white trailer with black curtains over the windows and a rickety screen door. My brother was there and asked if I was too nervous to introduce Alice Cooper. I said I wasn't 'cause I had guts. (A crohn's inside joke.) I walk out on stage kind of to the side and I see one of my brother's friends in spandex holding a guitar and running across from the opposite side of the stage to where I am. My brother steps up to the mic and says "Next we have Ralph Mauer." I woke up just then and wondered, who is Ralph Mauer?

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