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Weekend Update

I didn't make it to the movie last night. At home I gorged on 3 episodes of Dead Like Me, a nice juicy steak and fresh hand made baked french fries. It was all good.

Today I was up way too early at 9am. Sammy and I saw a blue jay and a cardinal on our walk. I put food out for Christmas but didn't see evidence of any of it being eaten. This afternoon I made certain the bird feeder was full. I don't think it's been touched but maybe tomorrow the birds will come and eat. It usually takes them a day or two to figure out where food can be found.

For dinner I browned a pound of country-style ribs in the oven then put them in the crockpot for about eight hours. I mixed them with a cup of original Gates Bar B. Q. sauce along with one cup of their extra hot sauce. It had some kick to it! My mouth was all tingly and I couldn't finish my last rib. (At Weiland's a pound came to three ribs so they were split evenly between the two of us.)

On our way to see Do The Right Thing my husband noticed something crossed the street ahead of us but didn't think it was a cat. He was right. While waiting for the light to change we watched a raccoon waddle across the grass and climb a tree. He was very slow and methodical about reaching up into the bark with his paws and pulling the rest of himself up. As my husband noted, the raccoon wasn't very svelte; he had to really work to pull himself up.
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