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Blueberry Pancakes

I thought it would be funny to make Jaime Oliver's "American Pancakes" from one of his cookbooks. The first sign of trouble should have been when I separated the yolks from the whites. My first egg didn't crack very well and I ended up with some yolk with the white. No biggie to me. What was really the first sign was mixing everything else up. I was supposed to get a thick batter and it was a ball of dough. It became much more liquidy and batter-like after I added the beaten egg whites.

I should get some non-stick pans for foods such as pancakes. The cooking spray ended up burnt which made for some lovely black stuff on at least one side of the pancake. When not blackened, the pancakes were a nice yellow I'm not used to seeing in pancakes. They were really thick, even after the egg white was added so it was difficult to cook all the way through. One good thing about the pancakes... yummy blueberries. I picked some of them out just to eat.

This recipe isn't something I'm going to try again anytime soon.