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The conversation with Spike Lee went well last night. The weather kept quite a few people away. Our seats were good. :) After seeing James McBride I have a few more books to add to my Amazon Wish List. I actually talked to people at the reception that I knew independently of my husband. And I drank a little too much; three champagne glasses and one glass of chardonnay. My next door neighbors were asleep when we got home last night but I thanked them profusely for clearing the sidewalk in front of our houses for it made the evening walk much simpler when I wasn't walking through slush. There is a huge snowman across the street. Sammy was frightened of it last night but after I touched it a few times and put his carrot nose back on, Sammy was okay with it. He even licked the side (which had some egg shells stuck in the snow).

The alarm was set for 8am instead of 6:45am but Sammy woke me at 5:30am. I couldn't sleep comfortably after that. The snow that had turned into rain and is now frozen over was uncomfortable to walk on. As the hours pass I become a little more lucid and wonder if I woke up this morning still a little drunk.

Yesterday was stressful at work so I hope today is much better.
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