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Google = Friend?

I wrote a piece on elections being popularity contests based on my high school experience. The elected senior class officers haven't planned any high school reunions and I realized next year will by my 20th if we were to have one. I kinda knew about what had happened to the two less important roles - Treasurer and Sergeant at Arms but not our President and Vice-President. I'd last heard they were in medical school which had been in their after high school plans.

One of the first google results that came up for the President was a wedding announcement of a 2006 issue of Jet regarding his marriage. I'm sure not many people with his name did undergraduate work at Morehouse College. Beyond finding out he'd been doing ER work in Maryland and his wife had been a nurse in Texas there was no other information that could be found. I have no idea where he lives now.

Looking for the Vice-President was a little more difficult because of a name change. She hyphenated her name when she got married but the middle initials matched (it's unusual for someone our age to have two middle names but she did), as did her age, etc. after I clicked on several professional-related links to her practice. So I know she's living in Georgia working in a family medicine/geriatric practice.

So then I got to wondering what happened to one of my friends who was ranked right around me. Neither of us tried for good grades and one of us was 30 while the other was ranked 29 or 31 out of a class of 250 people. We found it funny. I'd last heard she was working on her law degree. Of Liberian heritage her name is unusual and it didn't take long to find out what she'd been up to the last few years. After getting her law degree she lived in Chicago and possibly Texas for a time. The most shocking thing was that the President's parents had moved to Chicago and they had taken her under their wing while she lived there. (Pictures!) After Chicago she worked in Liberia for the UN and kept a fascinating blog (hence the pictures) about her travels during that time. Except changing her hair from a cropped curly look to long braids she looks exactly the same as she did when she was 18. It sounds like at the end of 2006 she was considering extending her work in Liberia for another six months.

Isn't it amazing what can be found with a little help from Google? I remember when Yahoo was the premier search engine (the early 1990's) and can't remember when Google overtook it but it seems like I've been using Google forever. Every now and then I would Google myself and always got my wish that nothing would come up. Now that I'm publishing my writing and my reviews I actually hope to come up on Google searches. I'm not first on the list but quite a few of them are me. :)
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