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I've either seen the greatest piece of performance art or a sad event.

While turning the corner to pick-up my lunch, I saw a man holding up a sign that said, "Mad Dogs". He was surrounded by four dogs. Some were jumping, or running and one was on his back doing the "I'm so happy dance". I go through the Wendy's drive-through to get my lunch and decide to come back around on the other side of them so I can get another look.

The man is feeding them dog food and takes another hand lettered sign out of the trunk. It says, "Need Gas". I've only some change in my car since I bought my lunch and I can't really turn around to say, "Pull up to a pump and I'll buy you $10." because I'm in the straight lane and I have to get back to work since I'm the only one there to do this type of work today.

I probably witnessed a sad event... the car was older but the dogs looked well cared for. You never know if someone just fell on hard times or had a bad break. At this time of year, he could have used the last of his money to buy dog food and didn't have a way to get more cash for gas to make it home. (I worked with someone that only had a savings account and I'm always thinking the best of people anyway.)

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