dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

The Sicilian Pizza Saga

When it is cold I do not like to leave the building for lunch. Most days the last two weeks I've brought my lunch. Zuppa Catering has a kitchen next door and they come over to the lobby each day with an entree or two, two soups, salads, munchies, and sandwiches. I think the last month I've gone downstairs for lunch on Friday. They always keep one soup the same every day. Friday is Clam and Crab Bisque which is always a hit with me. It also seems like Pizza is the entree. One is always Sicilian and the other changes. One week it was veggie, another time it was a white pizza with spinach, and a third week it was sausage and onions. I had the white pizza. It was a quarter of a pie and I couldn't finish it. I've not had Sicilian Pizza for years. Zuppa always sells out of it and last week I was so close to getting a slice. The two women in front of me ordered for their office three slices of sicilian and one veggie. That was the last of the sicilian.

This Friday as soon as I put my lunch bag in my backpack I thought, "Yeah! Today is pizza day!" My co-worker and I got downstairs before Zuppa even showed up. We waited for the lady to set up the cart, etc. and when we turned around there was a huge line already. Drats! Foiled again - the one Friday I can remember in a month where there was only one entree: Broiled Sole with Au Gratin. My co-worker ended up with Popeye's and I ate my sandwich. The sandwich was good but a disappointment because of what I'd been looking forward to having all morning.
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