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Thursday morning the Hillary Clinton supporters brought a big smile to my face. There were about 7 at the corner of High and Lane with their signs. They had smiles on their faces and were waving at everyone like they were in a parade. Usually the people I see with signs are tired, bored or seem grumpy. They made me smile all day.
Friday I was really grumpy. I had some errands to run but I was waiting for the gas man to read our meter which hadn’t been read since we moved into the house. He never showed up.
Saturday morning we saw the U2 3D concert movie and my mind was all over the place. 
  • For instance, in high school I wanted my husband (then friend) to take me to the U2 concert when they came to town. He opted to go see Matthew Sweet instead and I stayed home. I’ve never seen U2 in concert but I’ve seen Matthew Sweet dozens of times. 
  • I saw the Rattle and Hum movie during high school but I don’t remember anything from it.
  • I remember watching U2 perform during the Live Aid concert in my parent’s home on the Zenith tv with one of the first remotes. (But I preferred to sit next to the tv to change the volume and channels with my toes.) I felt like I was watching something important and felt like I was a part of history.
  • We haven’t bought a U2 album since Zooropa. The older songs have more of the Irish melodies/drum beats than the newer stuff. While U2 was always political and socially aware it’s nice to see that none of this has changed with their success.
  • Bono and the rest of the gang can really put on a performance. Only two parts were kind of weird for me during the movie – when Bono reaches out towards the audience (a little too close in 3D) and when he lets off a smoke bomb like a soldier.  If I were to see them in concert I might not know where to look.
Saturday night we went to the world premiere of the feature length film Accidents in the Home and How they Happen. It’s so new and under the radar it’s not even in imdb yet. We went home instead of going to the after party.

The weather is super nice today.  Will have to fill up the pond even though it will just snow again in a few days. 
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