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Happy 2005

I'm afraid that I was a dud of a date last night.

I woke up at 6am to get to work by 7:00am. Then I worked until 5:30pm. I shopped at Meijer until 7:00pm. I picked up our dinner from Max and Erma's and went home. Once home, we decided to watch a movie. My husband picked four selections and I picked the one we'd watch. I chose The French Connection. We drank some wine while watching the movie and I got sleepy. I feel asleep a few times. Unlike other years, we didn't pause the movie to watch the ball drop. My mother called at midnight to wish us a Happy New Year. For some reason his parents didn't call. After the movie was done we watched the ball drop but again I fell asleep and missed it.

I usually don't make New Year's Resolutions but I've made three this year.

1. Lose another 20 pounds.
2. Write more.
3. Start submitting my writing.

The hard thing about losing weight is that's so time-consuming. I've lost 22 pounds during 2004 but it involved making good choices, exercising, and thinking for two. If we don't eat out for dinner, I'm the one who cooks. Sometimes it's hard to figure out what would be good for both of us; maybe one person had junk food at lunch while the other person did better and wants junk food for dinner.

The other night we went to Easton for movies and dinner. We stopped at the Apple store and found it my husband's iPod can't be repaired. Well, it can, but it would cost less to buy a new one. I'm glad he told me that it got dropped. I was mad because he'd been wanting one for so long and wasn't using it. Once I found out it was broken, it was easier to understand why he wasn't using it. I found some on E-Bay today for under $399 which is the retail price for the 40GB version.

Dinner was at Bon Vie, a French restaurant. I had a yummy salad, bread, steak and french fries. I still have some steak and fries left over. The movie was Spanglish which I thought was okay. It was different than I was expecting. Now it's my husband's turn to pick a movie. I wonder what his choice will be. We saw a short film last night called La Puppe. I thought it was clever; being a dog owner I could see a real dog doing the things the fake dog did. My husband wasn't so keen on it.

A friend of my husband's started a blog recently and I've enjoyed reading it. Most of my husband's friends are normal which I know might sound strange. That's because a majority of them are involved in film and as such discuss philosphy, film quality, story, etc. They aren't like the Star Wars film geeks who have knowledge of the films, can quote lines from them, but not tell you who the cinematographer was for each one. Those people are usually what others think of when they hear someone likes film. My husband has several film acquaintances in town which he'd rather not deal with but this friend is a little different. They don't really do anything together other than watch movies. I think another friend in town might have given up on him. We didn't go to his birthday party this year and haven't been invited over since last year's Christmas party.

I want to introduce one of my friends to the friend that started the blog, but I can't figure out how to do it. Neither of them go out usually and he's like 9 - 10 years younger than she is. They may not hit it off but both of them rarely go out and both complain they never meet other people. She's been out of a long-term long distance relationship for several months now. I told her about a workshop at the local library to help women 35+ meet men but she said she wouldn't go unless I went with her. She didn't want to go by herself and I think that's a natural feeling. But I'm 100% happy with my relationship, so I suppose the only reasons to go would be (1) support my friend, (2) so I can give advice to my ex-neighbor on how to meet men, and (3) I might get information I can use in my writing. We'll see. It's later this month.

With my co-manager gone things will be weird. Most of his work has been given to a co-worker that was going to be let go in February. She's burnt out on being a project manager and has messed up the last few projects she's worked on for us. I know the only reason my boss gave her so much is so it won't be on me to pick up the slack in my co-manager's absence. Now I don't know if she'll be part of our staff reduction.

I've been slowly collecting boxes at my desk for the day. I wonder how silly some people are going to feel when it happens. Like I said, I've been giving subtle hints to my team members since November.

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