dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Snow Snow Snow

I'm one of the few in my office who worked nearly an entire work day.  I put in 7.5 hours today with no lunch hour in the hopes I'd get to leave early.  

The snow was to begin at 10am with a winter storm warning starting at noon.  It began snowing about 9:30am.  We're now in a blizzard storm warning.  In speaking with others around the US this winter it seems Ohio is a little different from other states.  We have snow emergencies.  Level 1 means crappy conditions; be careful.  Level 2 means worse than crappy conditions; only drive if absolutely necessary.  Level 3 means unless authorized emergency personnel stay the heck off the roads or you'll get a ticket. 

My county is in a Level 1 right now with surrounding counties at Level 2.  I'm sure it was partially due to snow drift, but when I was shoveling our sidewalk I discovered the snow completely covered the front steps (to both house entrances).  That's a good four or five inches.  We're expecting about 15 or so between today and tomorrow.  I may have to make tunnels in the snow for Sammy.  :)

Flights in and out of Columbus are cancelled.  Classes, graduations, Easter activities, etc. scheduled for tomorrow have already been called off. 

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