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Happy Day!

 Last Saturday was one of the best days ever.  Mother Nature had a lot to do with it.  We had our level 2 snow emergency and everyone was pretty much stuck having to change plans they originally had for the weekend.  It was a good day to slow down and enjoy life.


I’d shoveled a little on Friday but it had snowed so much there was no evidence I had done anything.  Most mornings my favorite time of day is before it’s time to wake up.  Somehow I sense Sammy wants on the bed, I move over to let him jump up, and he snuggles.  Yes, the squirmy jumping corgi lies there peacefully while I pet his fur.  I just listen to what’s going on outside and don’t really think about anything.  I just am.  So Saturday we snuggled before hubby took Sammy for the morning walk.  All that snow was confusing to Sammy.  He didn’t know where to walk or where to pee.


We spent the morning putzing around the house until we decided it was time to shovel snow.  We did the front steps, the slate walk, the driveway, two sidewalks, half of an alleyway and the end of our street (when the plow dumped snow there).  It was the first time I’d seen many of my neighbors at one time.  Shoveling together, pushing cars, etc. – it was a real sense of community.


The afternoon walk with Sammy was fun.  We encountered several other people with their cameras.  It was understood that not many cars were out and it was okay to walk in the middle of the road. 


When I took my afternoon nap (Saturdays and Sundays usually bring a nap) I was so happy I didn’t think it could get any better.  Because of the snow, the flights to and from Columbus were cancelled and so were the movies at my husband’s work.  We brought three pints of Jeni’s ice cream to his coworker’s house (she lives a block away) where we met up with another co-worker, Bill Jones, Mark Flores, and Tom Kalin.  Tom was supposed to take a flight out that day and Bill was supposed to be at a book signing.


Dinner (and dessert) was informal and relaxing.  Conversation was free-flowing about academia gossip, travel horror stories, public transportation, plastic surgery, working process, porn titles, short stories, music, gallery works and so on.  Four hours later we tromped through the snow to get back home. 


I love my house and I love my life.

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