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Happy Easter & Misc Stuff

Happy Easter! We celebrated the holiday the way we celebrate most holidays - by not celebrating. Sammy let us sleep in late (after 10am). After breakfast we saw Vantage Point then traveled to two Skylines hoping they'd be open for lunch. Wendy's was so they got our business. A nap was also on the agenda and I spent about an hour working on writing stuff (typing up or editing things I'd written the last two weeks). Then the Easter Miracle happened and fluffy flakes began falling from the sky.

Yesterday we had friends over for dinner. The company was good and the dinner was yummy. We had beef brisket from Weiland's. I had considered making a lamb shoulder roast but could not find one at any market that morning. For dessert I tried to make a terrine but it wasn't as great as it could have been. I bought three kinds of ice cream from Jeni's and the bread pan only fit two pints of ice cream. Honey Vanilla Bean, ground cream sandwich cookies, Salty Carmel and more ground cream sandwich cookies. When it came time to cut it, I think I'd taken it out too early (some of the ice cream was melty soft) or it hadn't been frozen long enough to get solid. It was still tasty. Our friends threatened to sneak Sammy home under their coats. It was the first time I thought, "I think I like having him around." It must be the morning cuddle sessions. One time when we were talking in the living room he plopped down with one leg on the fireplace just like an Olan Mills pose. From the other angle it looked like he'd laid down to chat with our corgi figure.

My husband said his turning point was probably last weekend. I'd attempted to make sugar free jello squares but my recipe was completely off and it was much more like sugar free jello slivers. Hubby let Sammy eat some from his finger. Sammy seemed to like it so hubby set a bigger piece on the kitchen floor. Sammy licked at it and tried to eat it. Then he dive bombed and tried to roll in it. He missed. Sammy did the dive bomb move again and finally got some in his fur. It was one of those funny moments when you have no idea why it is happening and can only stand by and let it play out.

I think dinner is more beef brisket tonight unless hubby wants me to make Skyline. I know he prefers it the way the restaurant makes it to how I make it.

On Thursday my mother's surgery went well. She'd had the same thing done in December but the doctor seemed to make a mess of things. The biopsy so far shows no cancer. Hubby took Friday and tomorrow off work. We're talking about a vacation in April.

This weekend I bought new tennis shoes which feel so comfy. I know my in-laws have booked a vacation beach home for October. The bathing suit hunt began this weekend. (I haven't owned one that fit since college.)
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