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Superman changed into a Saint yesterday.

He worked all day on our office, rearranging furniture and cleaning it. He still has some things to do in here today, but it's a lot better than it's been in years. When my brother-in-law arrives this summer I won't try to think of ways to keep him from coming over to see our PC games.

Since it's winter, my husband couldn't open the windows while he cleaned. I'm allergic to dust and I think all of the activity is why the mucous membranes started working overtime when I went to bed. I swear, the vacuum cleaner is awesome! He couldn't have done all of the work he did yesterday with the others that we had. Not without constant switching between the Dirt Devil and the Electrolux.

My job was to look cute yesterday. Of course I helped when he asked. I did get two of the kitchen shelves papered and started to put things away in them. It's going to take more shelf paper to get it done. In the first set of shelves, they are 11 inches by 41 inches. I haven't measured the second set of shelves yet. I also got most of our Christmas presents put away. Some of the clothes needed washing which has been done, but the clothes won't get put away until later today.

I was thinking I'd play EQ for a little today but I will wait a day or two for the office to get settled. It's annoying to sneeze every few moments when trying to do something with your eyes and hands.

Looking around the office, it feels good to have another room almostly completely clean. I haven't dared to look in the closet where books are kept before they go on the bookcase.

One weekend this year we'll have to tackle the bookcases around the apartment. There are some things I have a hard time letting go of and I think the books will be one of those things. I'm saying they should all go, by no means. I'm just saying that if the bookcases are crowded then what we keep should be boxed up and placed on top of the bookcase.

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