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You know how little kids just get so excited sometimes that they use up all of their energy on excitement and fizzle out when it gets to the good part?  That was me tonight.

All day I was thinking about tonight and feeling all nervous and excited.  I ate too much ice cream at work and that with my nerves just had me all worked up.  Picked up hubby from rental car place, went home to get gussied up and then we drove to his work. 

A new show opened tonight and walking through the galleries was fun.  We looked at about half of the Jeff Smith show and I just couldn't see any more of it - I was about to cry from the wonderfulness of it all.  Good memories, little girl me and watching some of the drawing/writing process was all a little too much to handle.  

Harvey Pekar and Joyce Brabner were there as was Terry Moore and Charles Vess.  The man I thought was Terry was not and I had no clue what Charles Vess looked like.  I didn't talk to Jeff or his wife.  On the way out hubby asked if I wanted to talk to Jeff and I just had no clue what to say.  It was much easier when I met him a few months ago to listen to him talk about his trip to Spain than to try and make actual conversation.  But isn't it always that way?

Nicely paired, yet very different, with the Jeff Smith show is the Mary Heilmann show.  The colors are bright and cheerful.  

We spent about 2 hours at the VIP party and let me tell you, I'm one tired girl.
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