dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Weekend Time

 I've entered the strange world of weekend time once more.  Twitchy, dreaming dog on one side and heavy breathing husband on the other, I wake up for no apparent reason other than my mind is racing with all kinds of creative thoughts.  My eyes are still sleepy.  As much as I try to go back to sleep it is no use.  So now I'm downstairs while my four-legged shadow is upstairs, awake, and wondering when I'll return.  Amazingly, I only hear his nails clicking on the hardwood floor as he paces.  I hope he doesn't wake my husband.  On a weekday this would piss me off because I know it would make me exhausted for the remainder of the day.  But it's weekend time now and I know I'll have time for a nap later.

And now the whining and boofs have begun.  He woke the husband.  Argh!
Tags: sammy, writing

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