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I forgot to mention that I went to the library while I was out. I picked up 10 minute solutions, a Tae Bo 8 minute work out tape and a Hula for Beginners which also includes the Hula for Weight Loss with it. Tonight I did the warm up of the Hula for Beginners and the Tae Bo tape. Hula dancing is harder than it looks. I seem to be able to do the feet part or the arms part but not both of them together. The Tae Bo workout would have been better if I knew the moves. I snickered when it recommended doing the instructional tape, the advanced tape and two other tapes before this one. Now I know it wasn't completely for monetary reasons.

I finished the Bill Bryson book about two weeks ago. Since then I've also managed to read The Reptile Room and The Wide Window by Lemony Snicket. No, I've not seen the movie yet. Reading the two books was more enjoyable this time around, knowing that his style is not necessarily talking down to people. I guess the first one just struck me the wrong way. Lost Souls by Poppy Z. Brite was not the best book I've read of late. I found it wasn't horror really, and the writing was too long-winded and flowery in the beginning for my tastes. She does know how to turn a lovely phrase or two, though. I've begun The Blind Assassin which I'm enjoying very much.

We went to Half Price Books the other day and picked up more things to add to my pile of books. I really need to start reading faster so I can get this pile of books to a more manageable pile. I think it's at three piles right now.

We went to the new second-run movie theater tonight. They serve Pepsi products, beer and other drinks. They have Flavacol for their salt which is yummy! In addition to some fried types of food they also offered a broccoli with cheese tray and a fruit cup. We saw Ray which was okay. The seats in the theater were nice. They opened up on Christmas day so the floor was nice and clean. No sticky shoe bottoms for us!

I have a long day at work tomorrow, so I'll sign off for now. The workout felt good.

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