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Of Triumph and Sorrow

It's been a few days of ups and downs for Mother Nature. My husband commented on Mama Bird sitting on Junior, "He doesn't like it. He's getting too big for that." This weekend he tried his wings and flew away. We weren't witness to the initial flight, but he came back and rested on the patio furniture before finally taking off for good.

This morning I found Papa Bird agitated. The nest had fallen and at least one egg broke. He was flapping his wings, looking downwards at the nest, then flying from one place to another. I'm sure his thought was "I messed up big time. I'm going to be in trouble with Mama bird."

I'm too short to put the nest back. (And I would definitely be wearing gloves to save myself from the dove poo.) I don't know if there is a second egg that survived the fall.

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