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Sammy is the One All The Dog Moms Avoid

So this year I waffled back and forth about attending the Corgi picnic.  But I'm really excited for several of them to meet Sammy, for him to see agility equipment, for him to participate in the hot dog eating contest (he loves food and water) and for professional quality photos of our dogs and we go.

It started at 11am and we got there at noon.  The turnout is smaller than I think I've ever seen.  22 families signed up and there wasn't that amount there when we arrived.  It seems this year we only had people from Ohio.  We usually have some from Kentucky, New York or Canada but I suspect the high gas prices were partially to blame.  I get us situated, walk him around the area, and we go outside to have his photo taken.  ~D~ takes wonderful pictures of her dogs, her granddaughter, and everything else of hers I've seen.  It's a hobby that she enjoys and I'm confident she'll get a good one of Sammy, even if he did keep showing her his behind.

After the pictures, we go inside for announcements and it's time to eat the food.  While everyone was eating I was so proud of Sammy.  Sammy did not do any counter surfing.  He did not beg although he did go underneath the table closest to me looking for food droppings at one point.  I kept him on his leash, attached to my chair, after that.  Twice he tried to get the food from my plate but both times were half-hearted attempts where I think he just wanted to see what I had.  He did not whine and he did not bark at anyone in an attempt to get food.

We're all relaxing and I've got him on my lap.  He is being so good and really doesn't want to leave me but I make him get up.  We've missed most of the trick contest so I can't tell you what all the dogs did.  One did "bang" then rolled over one way and rolled over the other way.  Another one crouched and snuck forward like a cat.  Three prizes were given out.

Sammy growls at poor little Hope when she tried to drink water from his water dish.  And that's just the beginning.  Another time he was off his leash and underneath a table.  Someone's granddaughter said he was snarling when the woman's oldest dog walked up behind her.  Twice he growled at dogs during the costume contest.

Costumes included a Corgi Fairy, two clowns, a ladybug, an old lady with a red hat and purple dress, a devil, and a part angel/part devil which is the true nature of most Corgis.  Three prizes were given out.

Looking back I can't say that every dog he snarled at was female but it's possible he doesn't like girl dogs.  *shrugs*  I have no idea.

We stayed for the agility demonstration but then he really wanted to play and was barking trying to get someone to play with him.  At that point, I didn't want to go (the hot dog eating contest was soon) but knew it would be best.  

Twice other doggy moms kept their dogs away from Sammy or said "I don't want him near my dog".  Hope lives in our neighborhood and Sammy had been invited over for a play date when he first came to live with us.  Without saying anything I know he's been uninvited.

And I can't lay blame except for with Sammy and me.  This weekend he was playing with my husband and he got so excited he bit my husband on the calf.  I don't want to take any chances and can't wait for obedience class to start in July.
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