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The Joke's on Me

This sound problem has been driving me crazy. Since Christmas Eve I've not been able to hear sounds embedded into web sites. I've had Experts Exchange working on it; I've been checking all kinds of settings, etc. My husband plugged a cable into the wrong jack. :)

I must have had fun last night. I went to bed late with all my makeup on and hit snooze for half an hour this morning. Though the monitor settings still aren't perfect, I did get to set my EverQuest resolution where I want it. After an hour or so, I was asked to join a group of people from Asa-Tru in Wall of Slaughter. I had fun, and earned both AA and regular experience though I didn't get to see more of the zone yet.

My main customer contact went home sick yesterday and called in sick today so I think today will be a good work day.

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