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Another One!

This morning I thought there was something funny in the pond but I forgot about it until I got home and saw it again.  It was another bird.  Hubby filled up the pond last night so either it happened yesterday and it was too dark for him to notice it or it died sometime between 8pm and 8am. This one looked like a younger bird.  I know our backyard trees don't have nests and I our neighbor would have mentioned it if their tree had one (because we talked quite a bit about the birds on our porch).

One fish and two birds.  I hope I don't find anything bigger!


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Jul. 16th, 2008 05:18 am (UTC)
If this keeps happening, might I suggest putting some sort of fine mesh grating over your pond (assuming it's a small one)? We had a small backyard pond when I was a kid. We kept finding dead squirrels in ours until we covered it. We got a mesh so fine you could hardly see it.

Of course, while it kept squirrels from falling in and drowning, it did absolutely nothing for preteen girls. My parents were Not Pleased upon discovering I had fallen in the pond (only happened once, but that was enough). They filled it up when I was about 14, possibly out of fear that I would make a habit of falling in.

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