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Mid-Year Tally

I was inspired by the post of an acquaintance that gave her mid-year tally. It's a bit interesting to look at the numbers even though some of them are fuzzy. If I'm going to do this at the end of the year I really should keep better track of these things, shouldn't I?

Here it is:

  • read 7 books

  • saw 58 movies

  • wrote 5 book reviews

  • wrote 2 poems

  • wrote 35 short stories (mainly first drafts)

As you can imagine, I find the number of books I've read appalling. On the downside, I haven't been keeping track of them so I'm pretty sure it's more than that but I don't seem to have a way to find this out. Only one of the two libraries I use keep track of what has been checked out and of course the library I use the least has this information.

So what have I done since tallying the numbers? I've read another book and am well on my way to finishing two more. :)
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