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Squee! Class and Stuff

Yesterday at work they had the final table of the World Series of Poker showing on ESPN.  Phil Laak went in with a pair of jacks against another guy with a pair of kings.  Phil was his usual nervous self and I was just giddy with watching him.  It is definitely the most animated anyone had seen me at work while watching tv.  

During Sammy's last class we started learning how to "heel".  As a tip, one of the instructors suggested a wooden spoon with peanut butter on it to keep Sammy focused on me.  He was so freaking cute even with his eyes nearly popping out of his head watching that spoon of peanut butter float in front of him.  I had not been in the mood to go to class and almost didn't go but I bucked up and did it.  I'm glad we did.  At last week's class they took the dogs through an agility tunnel.  This class they had the dogs walk up and down stairs.  He did good on the small ones.  He got up the big ones until it was time to go down.  In one direction was open stairs and in the other was closed.  He had hotdogs and cheese  trailing down the open side but he wouldn't go down at all.  Not even when he had a handful of hotdogs and cheese held just out of reach would he move.  

My favorite birthday present this year has been the red Weezer album.  At my last job when I did documentation I would put in one CD after another into my laptop and be a thinking, typing machine.  It would probably work at my present job but every time I seem to get into a zone while listening to music someone calls my name I'm just working away with no clue until my name gets yelled or they touch my shoulder.  So I don't really listen to music much unless it's to drown out the sound of the commercials and other people's music.  But I bop along with the CD while driving to work.

Lance Armstrong and John McCain are here for a town hall meeting.  I've had my head in the sand so I didn't know until last night that Armstrong is talking about his new site and McCain is unveiling his plan to fight cancer today at OSU.  Apparently Armstrong and Kate Hudson were at one of the restaurants down the street from our house enjoying dinner.  Whomever gave them the tip about the restaurant gave them a good one.  :)
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