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More Food Adventures

A few weeks ago it was Nigella Lawson week at my house. Tuesday night was Roasted Buttermilk Chicken night. I made the marinade in the morning and accidently dumped some when the freezer bag fell over. My helpful assistant, Sammy, was there to clean up the mess. Much later I found out he regurgitated some of what he cleaned up so maybe he wasn't much help after all. Hubby finished up the last few steps of the cooking and I came home to drumsticks right out of the oven. The recipe is supposed to be good on chicken breasts or a whole (cut up) chicken too. Very tender meat.

We tried the Linguinne with Lemon, Garlic and Thyme Mushrooms but slightly modified. I used only a quarter to a half the amount of the mushrooms called for in the recipe. My husband is not a mushroom fan and I was off of them for a long time after watching them sprout from the carpet in our first apartment. Hopefully that didn't gross you out so much you've stopped reading. I loved marinating the mushrooms in the olive oil and lemon juice first. When the meal was all together, I'd get lovely unexpected bursts of lemon juice when biting into some of the mushrooms.

Note: Again, another old entry I started and never finished. This one is from May, I think. :)
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