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Movie Report

Last weekend we saw the IMAX version of The Dark Knight. I really enjoyed it but it didn't make me think it was about Batman. The parallels between the movie and the current presidential administration was just a bit too much to ignore. After Ledger's death I saw a YouTube clip of him on the Ellen Degeneres show. It was interesting to hear them discuss how he manifested the psychology of Ennis Del Mar into the physical aspect of the role. The Dark Knight was fascinating to watch because of the pitch of his voice, the hunched shoulders, and so forth. It was incredible.

I know this weekend isn't over yet but it's been a great one for movies.

Last night we watched Hancock and it blew me away. All I had seen was the trailer for it. I had completely forgotten Jason Bateman was in it. The trailer hardly gives anything away about the plot. Something unexpected happens that sets the movie on a different course. I was watching it and thinking "OMG! Superhero mythology has just gone in a new direction." Anyone who is a fan of Heroes should run to see this movie.

To make it a Will Smith double-feature we watched the Blu-Ray disc of I Am Legend. We watched the alternate ending first and then the original theatrical ending. Because of this, I noticed the lead creature smashed a butterfly pattern into the glass of the lab during the standoff. I thought the first ending was simplistic and laid it all out there. The alternate ending is not a complete ending like the theatrical release but it was more complex.

For something completely different, we watched Volver. The writing and acting leaves no surprises regarding the plot. A slip of a word or a glance betrays old and new family secrets. It wasn't one of Almodovar's best movies but it wasn't his worst either.
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