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The Office - American Version

This summer we've watched Seasons 1 - 3 of The Office.  I must admit... it's pretty good.  The BBC version was good too but it hit so close to home that it made me uncomfortable and not want to watch it.  

Though the American version reminds me of my old job from time to time it mostly makes me think of the era just before I started working there.  They had more time on their hands and would do crazy things.  Photoshop was a favorite toy.  When someone left the company they would create PowerPoint presentations of all their fun times which never happened - like hanging out in Las Vegas with showgirls (heads and bodies would be photoshopped).  They created fake business cards.  Person A put vaseline all over the mouse and phone of Person B.  Person B got back at Person A by spraying his entire cubicle with perfume.  There was one person who refused to make left turns so was always given driving instructions with as many left turns as possible.  

Season 4 comes out on 9/2/08 and Season 5 airs on 9/25/08.  I sense September will bring a lot more viewing of The Office.



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Aug. 27th, 2008 11:38 am (UTC)
I prefer the American version too. I found the British one uncomfortable to watch. I think a lot of people like that in this country, but I prefer a little warmth.
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