dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

A Milestone and I'm More Loved Than A Treat

Saturday my husband carried Sammy into the basement.  When it was time to go upstairs, Sammy did it.  He made it halfway up on the first try but the second try he made it all on his own.  No treats but lots of encouragement.  I honestly don't know how long it would have taken if it were not for his obedience class.

Yesterday afternoon I stood by the front door to go grocery shopping.  Sammy kept jumping against the screen door so I would take him with me.  I held onto the door latch because I knew if he got out he'd jump off the porch and down the slate path to the garage.  Hubby got the idea to distract Sammy with a treat.  While Sammy was in the kitchen and completely focused on my husband (I was in view if Sammy turned his head) I slipped out the screen door and closed it behind me.  Sammy accepted the treat he was given and flung it at the door.  Usually when he flings treats he pounces after it.  Not this time.  Sammy went looking around the house for me.  Apparently I'm more loved than a treat.
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