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Odd Friday

Most of the interesting things that happened to me on Friday were at work. I've placed the events behind the cuts.

My work area has 8 - 9 people working various shifts with the last people coming in at 3pm. Several times in June it got so cold me and the other woman had to leave the room and walk around to unnumb our hands. In July we began complaining. It always got worse after 3pm and in August we found the culprit. You know it's cold when someone born and raised in Wisconsin comments on the temperature of the room. I've honestly been tempted to bring in my winter coat to wear during the day.

Friday it was decided to close the remaining air vents. Four had been shut off a long time ago. Six more were closed that morning. You know what? With all of them closed it was still cool in the room. In fact, it was the perfect temperature. But then... the wind tunnel started. There was so much air trying to force it's way out of the closed vents it sounded like a vaccum cleaner was running or like the noise of an airplane gang plank. I began cracking up about it when we couldn't hear each other talk and had to yell to hear the person a foot away from us. Eventually the vents were opened back up. And the person responsible for lowering the temperature to meat locker temperatures never got to hear the noise.

I was given the opportunity to go for a walk at lunchtime. I'd been told it was about 40 to 45 minutes and I said I would go. I should have asked more questions. It wasn't until we were actually walking that I found out it was a set route from our building, through Goodale Park and back. It's nearly three miles. The good news is that I walked it in about 50 minutes and survived. The bad news is that I learned I'm really out of shape! I was as carb hungry after the walk as I am after during the 5k walk for Race For The Cure. Luckily, I brought a large leftover container of homemade Skyline Chili with spaghetti for work. It was supposed to be two meals worth but I ate almost all of it!

We are having some regional VPs come to our office next week. An email was sent to us pertaining to the dress code. "Men are to wear collard shirts" was only noticed by me. So the joke the rest of the afternoon was were do men find shirts made from collards?

Once I was at home I made arrangements to see my parents on Sunday afternoon. I'm bringing Sammy and a pizza from Mama Mimi's.

I had dinner with my next door neighbors. I really got to indulge while I was there. Appetizers (shrimp cocktail and smoked salmon with crackers), mashed taters, green beans, grilled marlin, grilled zucchini and grilled garlic bread. The dessert tray was a mixture of a dark chocolate thingie, tiramisu, and key lime pie. I came home with extras about 3.5 hours later. And I brought home the mail too. For some reason the post office delivered all of our mail to them.

It really began raining hard during the two minute walk home. I couldn't find my umbrella anywhere in the house so I took Sammy out without it. I got soaked!
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