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Saturday Wasn't Interesting

Yesterday wasn't very interesting. I woke up super early so I could call the alarm people. I'm still fighting with them over the problems we've been having. They think because I have a digital phone line that I'm not as important as their customers with analog phone lines. :(

I took a morning nap since I was up so early. Later I went to the $2 movies to see Hellboy II: The Golden Army. It was superdark when I went into the theater and I couldn't see a thing! I walked in while John Hurt's character was telling the story of The Golden Army to a young Hellboy. Eventually I found my way to a seat. Three times during the movie the screen went funny where the film wasn't quite in the right place on the screen. The last time, of course, was during an exciting fight scene so there was their heads at the bottom of the screen, a huge black line in the middle, and their torsos at the top. I waited until the credits were nearly over before leaving. There was a group of 5 women trying to get in to the movie theater. They couldn't see a thing either! It was good knowing it wasn't just me.

I ran some errands (picked up dry cleaning and yummy things at the store I normally don't buy), ate dinner and read. I've borrowed most of the Twilight series from someone at work and I've been trying to get them back to her as soon as possible. I also watched Old Joy. Since hubby hasn't been home I've been staying up until midnight or 1am but I really should be going to bed earlier.
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