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Just a Few Movies And Other Things

I've managed to knock down a few more movies off my viewing list. Alpha Dog was first. The DVD didn't want to work but it was on one of the HD channels so I DVR'd it. It was odd that the parental roles were so small. Some were protrayed as caring and others were really selfish. It's a bit surprising that with all those kids knowing what had happened that no one spoke up.

One movie I had no interest in seeing initially was The Kite Runner. The book was so good I didn't feel the need to see the movie. But my sister-in-law's mom insisted that it was good. She was right! I saw it yesterday. I am pretty sure the ending in America was tacked on for the movie. It was a little cheesy but it worked since it brought some of the earlier ideas full circle.

The security alarm is all fixed.

Five minutes before I walked out the door for work this morning, Sammy ran downstairs and returned promptly. The good news is that he had diarrhea on his towel by the front door (easily cleanable) but the bad news is that he also had it in five areas of the tv room. The only room in the house with carpet!

I went for a 1 mile walk the other day with Sammy. It wore him out.
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