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Napping Saturday

We woke up at 5:30am to take hubby to the airport.  Our street was pretty quiet when I took Sammy for his walk.  There was one house that looked like someone was playing a football game.  I bet they were still up and had not gone to bed yet.  The drive to the airport and back was uneventful.

Sammy had a grooming appointment at 8am.  We got there just before the groomer.  Petco isn't open yet so they opened the doors for me and had to let me out later.  I always try to walk Sammy some more before entering a store in case he's not empty but I rushed this time since they were holding the door open for me.  Of course he had to go #1 and #2 in the store which was embarassing but nice they had the stuff there for me to clean it all up.

At home I moved the recycling from the kitchen to the front porch, hacked away at the hydrangeas, weeded the side yard, read more of The Good German, did two loads of laundry, decided to take a nap, spoke to hubby on the phone and then it was time to pick up Sammy.  Moved hubby's car, gushed over Sammy's pretty fur, and did more laundry.  Finished up The Good German and then Sammy and I took a nap from 1:23pm to 4:30pm.  Actually, Sammy didn't wake up until 5pm or so.  Our next door neighbors are building a shed in their backyard.  He and I slept right through the hammering.

Friday night I had my own heater in bed.  Sammy might start off the night at the foot of the bed but before I fall asleep he usually does his army crawl underneath and sometime during the night ends up in his bed in the closet.  For some reason, Sammy stayed by my side all night.  The heat he was giving off made me stick one leg on top of the covers.  He was dead weight.  In the morning he had moved to the end of the bed; it's rare for him to spend a whole night there.

So while I was awake from my nap I watched him sleep in his bed.  Each time I moved his eyes would open, he'd see I wasn't going anywhere, close them again and be asleep.  Seriously.  In seconds his third eye was showing and he'd be in REM sleep.  Whiskers, leg, or ears twitching even.  It wasn't until they dropped something outside that he jumped to his feet sounding the alarm, looking at me and then looking at the direction of the shed.  Silly dog.  I don't get as much alone time when hubby is gone or even when he's here (like I used to water the plants every night and do a little bit of weeding) but it's good to have Sammy around. 

I watched a few episodes of Bones last night and started reading The Headless Cupid.  Sammy and I were still in bed by 11:30pm like usual. 

We woke up early and went back to bed.  At 8am though, Sammy let me know he was ready to start the day.  He smells a little bit like pumpkin pie after his bath yesterday so of course he had to find cat poo to attempt to roll around in; I caught him before he got to it.  My neighbor found some tree stumps in her backyard after she paid someone to get rid of them for her.  Bless her heart... she was out there at 8am with sweat pouring down her face trying to hack away at them.  She didn't want to have to call him back to finish up; she found trees at Oakland nursery on sale and wants to get them in this week.

Today I'm going to start planning things for NaNoWriMo and get started on a writing exercise for The Muse Conference 2008.  I think Sammy got bored while I worked on coupons and got rid of old newspapers; he's sacked out on the chair behind me.
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