dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Guillaume Depardieu and Melancholy

Guillaume Depardieu died.  Hubby sent me an email that I read shortly before I left work yesterday.  It makes me so sad.

We'd seen him last in Rivette's Don't Touch The Axe.  I'd joked Depardieu did such a good job he was going to be typecast.  Honestly... with the prosthetic leg he could claim he was born to portray any French injured war hero on screen.  His life was tempestuous but it seemed like things were coming together. 

I have a touch of melancholy right now.  I'm overwhelmed with my writing assignments/exercises for the writing conference, putting together instructions for my mom while we're on vacation, and putting out of my mind the things that need to get done before winter sets in (cleaning the gutters, lawn aeration - though probably too late for that, cleaning out garage, weatherizing lawn furniture to name a few).  Tomorrow I have a weigh-in and I barely did any exercise this week.
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