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Day Before Halloween

Yesterday was probably our coldest day yet.  This morning the dolphins were swimming right by the house.  I was too late to see them up close and only got to see piece of them coming out of the water.  Some birds were dive bombing the water to catch fish.  We try to plan things for the adults to do after the kids go to bed it's not really been successful.  The kids are early risers so half of the adults are in bed around 9:30pm.

We wanted to go to the aquarium but the idea was vetoed.  There is a nearby pier where fishing gear can be rented.  Might be nice but I'd probably get bored.  We ate shrimp and crab legs the other night.  Can't remember when I last had crab legs.  The catering place at work has clam crab bisque soup on Fridays which I often get; but the crab is fake!

Finished up Ever yesterday.  Began reading Ruhlman's The Soul of a Chef.

This morning I played Go Fish with ~C~ who is 3 years old.  He's sweet; he kept trying to give us his cards instead of keeping them for himself.
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