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Happy Halloween!

The ocean waves are going to lull me to sleep for the last time. We leave tomorrow morning.

Today I went to the beach for the last time. My nephews played in the sand but I went down to the water a few times. Lots of seaweed on the shore. We saw a lady throwing a frisbee for her dog. A few houses down is a home owned by one of the lawyers in town. None of us know him personally so we didn't stop by to say hello. Sister-in-law was at the beach too. Hubby stayed inside to read. Brother-in-law, Mom-in-law and Dad-in-law all went fishing this morning. They caught blue, puffer fish and other stuff but gave them away to someone else.

For Halloween we drove to Hampstead for their Halloween festival. It was a bunch of booths at one of the soccer fields at the Kiwanis park. Every booth gave out candy and there was one of those inflatible playgrounds for kids. Oldest nephew only wanted to get candy on one side of the field. There was a John Deere tractor that took people for a hay ride. There was a booth with Dominos pizza, popcorn, hot chocolate, soda, water, sausages, and sausages with peppers and onions. It's a really smart idea to have all the kids go to one place like that since there's no telling how many houses on a street or even a block will be giving out candy. The most memorial costume was the little pink princess with her pumpkin escort. The pumpkin was a Weimaraner puppy that was too cute. Made me miss Sammy. I know... hard to believe, isn't it?

Hubby asked me if I'd want to live here and I said it would be nice to get away now and then for novel writing but I wouldn't want to live here all of the time. Last night we had dinner at II Beauchaines. ~C~ was told he could have ice cream so we went to Lunapops which was closed. Then we went to Ice Cream place that was closed. So we ended up at the New York Delicatessen where we got soft serve and an M&M cookie. They were closing up at 7:30pm - almost unheard of in Columbus on a Thursday night. That would take some getting used to. :)
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