dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Sammy's Gotcha Day!

One year ago today was Sammy's Gotcha Day.  And the beginning of the end of last year's novel.  We didn't do much to celebrate though we will probably do something tomorrow.  I gave him some attention between doing 15 minute word sprints.  :)

Today I wrote 1322 words and now have a total word count of 10779.  I had to stop so I would not freak myself out.  I was getting to a creepy thing in the plot but Sammy and I are alone in the house late at night.  Normally I am okay with that but Sammy was really began barking at one point.  I thought my husband was walking up the sidewalk but since he didn't come in I don't know what set Sammy off.

It was cold and rainy today.

I let myself do something "normal" and I went to my husband's work to see the Semiconductor team ( which was fun.  Back to the writing grindstone tomorrow when it's light out!
Tags: nanowrimo, sammy, writing

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