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NaNoWriMo Day #16

Snow!  There was a rumor about it on Sunday which didn't show up but this morning when I took Sammy for his morning walk it was there.  Snow!  We made it through the walk okay.  But towards the end he had to rub his neck in dog poo.  Ick!

At the vet's office when Sammy walked back to be weighed he greeted everyone so they would know he was there to visit.  There was an accident at the onramp I normally take from the vets so of course I got lost.  It would not be a proper trip on the freeway if I don't get lost at least once.  I still managed to get to work early though, which was the goal.  With no overtime allowed I can leave early for things like picking up Sammy when I would normally be at work.  :)  He was apparently a model patient.  He was next to a bunch of 11-week-old kittens.  He could smell and hear them but not see them.  The vet said Sammy was quiet.  He didn't whine or do anything unusual.  Yay!  I don't mind if he's a hellion at home (well, I do...) so long as he is well behaved in public. 

Hubby was nice enough to pick up dinner for us on his way home.  So we ate dinner while Sammy moped at our feet.  Sammy has been tired from his visit but hubby has been all smiles to spend time with me.  We watched the pre-show to the 2008 World Series of Poker final table.  (I already know who won but he doesn't and I want to see how it all goes down.) 

Bet you didn't think I wrote today, huh?  I wrote 2047 today for a total word count of 25665.  It feels good to have 51% of this completed.
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