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Just a quick drive-by posting.

I don't really want to go to work today but I should. I have reports due to customers today and I have scheduled meetings to teach people how to do things.

My feet hurt. I dressed up for work yesterday since we had visitors. We had an Open House from 3pm to 7pm. I was to be ready for tours but from 3pm to 5pm we didn't have any so my boss told me to go home.

I have an interview at Time Warner on the 22nd. He likes my skill set and thinks it is a good match. He's interested in hearing my ideas on transitioning to another industry. Fortunately, I was told about the job by my husband's cousin. It's his boss who is doing the hiring. I can pump him for information before the interview. That feels like cheating, but I think this job will be interesting (and hopefully pay more than what I'm making now).

It's been rainy and wet the last few days.

Today is Jeans Day so I can wear tennis shoes to work. Yay!

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