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Writer's Block: Meat Cake

Happy birthday, Humane Society of the United States! A staffer here at LJ loves her dog so much that she made her a meat cake for her birthday. What's the most elaborate (and possibly not justifiable to non-pet owners) thing you've ever done for your pet?
For birthdays, the most I've ever done is buy a peanut butter cake from Heidi's Bakery in Grandview.  Here is a picture of one of them.  I wanted to bake a cake for Sammy this year but didn't get around to it.  For his Gotcha Day he got a new treat the next day.

The most elaborate thing I've ever done for a pet was for Zilla.  I was on the phone with the emergency vet taking his pulse (and having no idea what I was doing) while taking his temperature at the same time.  I'm thankful the phone was cordless.